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  • Are you looking for a help to make your party more fun?
    We will serve you the nice party dishes!
    Please feel free to ask us.

    * order from 60,000yen (tax included)
    * No minimum number of guests
    * Extra fees for staff service will be added to the price. Please contact us.

    Casual party course 3,000 yen per person

    Casual party course menu
    4 kinds of plates
    Casual but hearty party food for you

    * Cf. ( in compliance with request)
    · Homemade country style porc térrine
    · Salade with nuts and dried fruits
    · Rosted chiken marinated with herbes
    · Seafood paella

    Standing party course 5,000 yen per person

    a bite-sized canapé and pinchos for standing party
    2 pieces of 5 kinds of canapé or pinchos

    *Cf. ( in compliance with request)
    · Homemade country style porc térrine and dry fruits pinchos
    · Canapé of smoked sea bream and potato purée
    · Canapé of uncured ham of Bigorre and goat cheese.
    · Tagliata of Wagyu Beeff and grilled vegetables, canapé of tapenade
    · Canapé of roquefort, walnuts, and endive

    Casual dinner course 5,000yen per person

    Casual dinner course menu
    Several kinds of starters, main, and dessert for a buffet

    *Cf. ( in compliance with request)
    · Homemade Mediterranean olive marinade
    · Carpaccio of sea bream with orange
    · Shrimp rolled with pancetta
    · Seasonal vegetables with sauce aïoli
    · Les Rendez-vous de Tokyo's special ratatouille
    · Rosted porc shoulder with lemon and anchovy
    · Pound cake with pine nuts
    · Rich chocolate mousse of Weiss

    Premium dinner course 10,000yen per person

    premium dinner course menu
    Special party food of seasonal ingrédients selected by chf by himself
    Amuse, 2 starters, fish, méat, dessert, coffee or tea

    *Cf. ( in compliance with request)
    · Seasonal amuse
    · Aspic of prawn of Ariake, sauce sea urchin
    · Itarian rabbit terrine, sauce basil
    · Stonefish of Nagasaki poele with lentil boiled with saffron
    · Shizuoka Wagyu Beef filet steak, Rossini style
    · Fukushima peach compote with tea ice cream
    · Original blend coffee

    Drink Plan 3,000yen per person

    *Cf. ( in compliance with request)
    · Red and White wine
    · 2 kinds of soft drink

    Plates and Glasses

    Arrangements for the paper cup and paper plates are available.
    Rental plates and glasses are also available. We can arrange in compliance with your request.

    Plastic glass ( champagne glass and wine glass )
    ・・・50yen / glass ( including washing fee)

    Real glass ( champagne glass, bordeaux glass, bourgogne glass )
    ・・・300yen / glass (including washing fee)

    * In case of damage, we demand the payment of its cost price.
    * If the time for collecting the rental plates and glasses turns to be after 5pm, then it will be the day after the party.

    Staff Service Fee

    Extra fee for staff service: 15,000yen/1 staff

    5 hours from food setting until cleaning up during 12:00~20:00
    Arrangement for the exact time is available depending on the reservation. Please contact us.
    Another extra fee may be demanded on overtime. Please contact us.


    We will suggest you the best plan as your request, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and for your requirements. Order is available by a week before the appointed day.

    arigato Inc.
    plate Tokyo
    Tel: +81 80 4689 9059 / Mail:

    * Some course and service is available by 3 days before the appointed day depending on the reservation.

    Delivery Area and its fee

    area A/ Minato, Chuo, Chiyoda, Shibuya, Meguro, Shinagawa, Setagaya, Shinjuku
    area B/ the 23 wards of Tokyo except for those of above

    * Please contact us about the other areas.

    area A/ Extra fee : 10,000yen for delivery expense and cleaning fee
    area B/ Extra fee: 15,000yen for delivery expense and cleaning fee

    * No extra fee for delivery expense if you deliver by yourself ( only counts extra fee for the cleaning as half price of it)
    * Extra fee for car parking may be demanded depending on the condition.

    Cancel Policy

    A change of the order or cancel is available by 7days before the appointed day.
    Extra fee or cancel fee may be demanded within 7 days before the appointed day.

    * Request for outdoor use and cancel on bad weather may be demanded extra fee or cancel fee.

    Fee detail:
    · 3 days before the appointed day : 50% of an estimated sum
    · The day before the appointed day and on the appointed day : 100% of an estimated sum


    Credit card payment only (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
    Please contact us about the other payment method.


    For the order of the catering, any further information or other requirements for the details, please feel free to contact us.
    arigato Inc.
    plate tokyo
    Tel: +81 80 4689 9059 / Mail: