'Les Rendez-vous de Tokyo' 2012 arigato Inc. 002

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  • This CD is live-recordings that were held at Les Rendez-vous de Tokyo, reflecting the time and the atmosphere. The series of the sound like flowing water are filled with gentleness, joy and sometimes sadness. The clear tone touches and heals your heart, also are good as a back music.


    kalimba | sage and Ryuichi Koike
    recorded | Naoya Ohshiro
    mixed | uhitokiyosue
    design | specialnormal inc. Shin Takahashi

    special thanks:
    Toshiyuki Yasuda, Arihiro Kiyosue, Terutaka(hawkcrower), zungooca,TUKARAYA, mbirazvakanaka, Mizuki Takano, zawose family, sprit of ephat mujuru, Takayuki Tsuruoka, rendez-vous's guests and God.

    profile / Sage

    Attracted by the sound of Kalimba(thumb piano) ,soaking into to the space, studied playing by himself and started music activity from 2007.His delicate and creative play is favored from various genre like as stage and fashion designer and more. Now he makes his own instruments while he carries on the workshops.

    profile / Ryuichi Koike

    Koike, in 1992, went to Africa to study African drums, where he met Kalimba. He studied under Hukwe Ubi Zawose, Ephat Mujuru and other great African musicians. He performs as a solo artist while he is a front member of an energetic afro-rock band, Zungooca.