Les Rendez-vous de Tokyo 20130606

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  • arigato Inc. produces restaurant recording music regarding as displaying flowers and paintings at the restaurant. This is the 3rd album produced by a musician Toshiyuki Yasuda who creates cross-genre music based on electronic music, and it features a violist Izumi Kawamura and three vocalists, Takako Sato, Ayako Kosaka, Mariko Okamoto (as "les chouquettes"). It has soundtrack, electronic and latin feels that gives urban and witty ambience.


    produce | Toshiyuki Yasuda
    viola & vocal | Izumi Kawamura
    vocal | Mariko Okamoto, Takako Sato, Ayako Kosaka

    profile / Toshiyuki Yasuda

    An electronic music artist, composer, arranger and producer based on Tokyo, Japan. Sings Brazilian music as a robot “ROBO*BRAZILEIRA”. Representative of MEGADOLLY label. Born in 1973. From Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. Graduated in civil engineering from Ritsumeikan University. Begun Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1994 while at college. After dealing with many projects including Pizzicato Five, Towa Tei (ex Deee Lite), Combustible Edison and the debut self-titled album for Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1997, left the unit. As an artist, constantly creates solo works, provides for various compilations and collaboratively produces / performs with other artists like Towa Tei, Señor Coconut (Atom Heart), Clare and The Reasons, Fernanda Takai (Pato Fu), Jazztronik. Also as a producer, composes for advertisements, Hiroyuki Nakano’s films, Kishin Shinoyama’s photo movies, Moichi Kuwahara’s comedies and performances (Ishinha, Manabu Masuda). In oder to be a new “social hub in music”, releases omnivorously on directly-signed iTunes Stores worldwide and presides “We “hub” music!” which calls up genre-less musicians at borderless venues. Always searching for and carrying out new ways of releasing music apart from conventions. In 2013, holds "Photo exhibition by musicians" which handles sets of an only-1-copied song and a photo. Performed at “Les Siestes Electroniques” in Toulouse, France (with Chicks on speed, Opiate, Schneider TM), “sonarsound tokyo”, Apple Stores and etc. Lectures at Musashino Academia Musicae.